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We are facing a mass extinction of life and a collapse of the ecosystems that support us. Decentralized Democracy strives to propose some practical solutions and ethical context to these problems.

The main idea of this book is that the preservation of life and humanity will require forest gardens, direct solar energy, and transparent democracy from the community upwards.

I cannot write to persuade, but I can write what I have learned so far on my search in hopes of contributing to the ongoing cooperation of all those that value life.

My purpose in Decentralized Democracy is the description of a sustainable society, feasible from our present situation.

This book is intended to appear in three volumes: Vol. 1 On Decentralization, Vol. 2 On Democracy, and Vol. 3 On Decisions.

Altthough in the mind we must progress from decisions, to cooperation, to physical actions, in discussion it is often convenient to work in reverse order, as one’s proposed and real actions are often a better measure of one’s politics and ethics than any theoretical discourse.


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