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In a decentralized society there is no waste. Or, rather, waste may take it’s ancient meaning of referring to what’s wood scraps are left after carpentry work and will be used later for something else.

All organic things, such as food and wood, can be composted and returned to the land base.

For things such as metals, when they can be worked locally with solar concentration, there is never any reason to through them away.

As for things that are toxic to humans and the ecosystem, there is no reason to produce them in the first place (though we may have to manage the billions of tons of toxic waste we’ve already created, see Appendix Q).

Composting Methods

Organic material simply left in the ecosystem will decompose, such as apple cores. However, depending on the volume or kind of organic matter needing to be returned to the land base, other methods may have advantages.

Where we must pay special attention in terms of type is especially with respect to our own excrement which we want to avoid returning directly to our food supply, the land base, since this can allow the proliferation of disease. However, neither do we want to attempt to not-return our excrement to the land base, as this will drain nutrients from the ecosystem we depend on.

The solution is to return our excrement to the land base after a composting method that kills all the communicable diseases.

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