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Creative Revolution

Decentralization means more people can create more things as there is more opportunity to interact with one’s materials in a decentralized system than a centralized system. One cannot simply step outside in a city and start to reorganize the wiring and piping to better suite one’s fancy or enable a new construction project: not only is the aproval process lengthy to change any city infrastructure (if it is accepted at all) but interactive with large infrastructure requires large expense. In a decentralized system the approval process can be much shorter, much likelier to be accepted, and much cheaper for any building project that interacts with existing infrastructure.

It is ultimately this creative aspect of decentralized that is the ultimate justification for it; as we are creative beings and the more we create the happier we are. The only disagreement is whether we are happier creating the destruction and oppression of others people and creatures or happier contributing to even more creation of other people and life in general.

However, there is a practical aspect to this create element of decentralization which is after a certain critical amount of creativity the creation of more decentralized systems accelerates. For, if decentralization enables more creativity than it can enable the creation more decentralization.


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