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Starting a blog

I’ve run into some spare time over the next few months where I hope to finish this free-book.

I’ve been working fairly intensely on Solar Fire this past year since I believe strongly that the pre-condition for spreading decentralized philosophy and mode of living are the tools we need to actually live decentralized. Many tools we need have been preserved from decentralized times past and many new tools have been developed, but decentralized solar energy seems to be a critical piece that I felt I could contribute to.

I of course still think so, but I feel I’ve simplified the solar fire technique as far as I can take it at least. I’ve recently come up with the tri-truss technique that I’ll be throwing up some models about on solarfire.org, and I’ll blog it here as well when I do.

So I think I can contribute more on the decent ideas front which is also needed along with the tools to actually do it.

So I’ll be posting about what I’m additions/improvements in the book, future plans, and perhaps some commentary on current events from the decentralized perspective.

So stay tuned and don’t hesitate to email me any thoughts at wissenz (at) gmail.com.


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