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Organic Farming

There’s plenty of propaganda arguing that industrial agriculture is the only way to feed the world. There are several problems with this view.

1. We know that industrialism in general is unsustainable; industrial agriculture is no exception. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer are all made with fossil-fuels, and tractors and other processing machinery are all powered by fossil fuels. For every calorie of consumable substance industrial agriculture produces, nine calories of fossil fuels are consumed. So to say the only way to sustain current substance production quantities is with a fundamentally unsustainable industrial system is simply non-nonsensical.

2. We know that nature adapts and that fundamentally unnatural processes are doomed to failure. The attempt to make nature a large controlled laboratory and grow mono-culture crop clones in a sterile environment, through killing all other organisms with herbicides and pesticides will eventually result in organisms resistant to these herbicides and pesticides. This has already happened with a great many of our magical chemicals, such as penicillin which is longer effective in the vast majority of cases. Each time a "pest" develops resistance to the point where the quantity of current chemicals would produce immediate ill effects on the human population.


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